The Good Start Trust, registered in 2017 as a Trust by the Master of the High Court, has been awarded tax exemption and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) status. Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) status was successfully applied for. We may issue 18A Tax Certificates to donors,  and have been Vat Registered.

PBO Reference No. 930061524

NPO Reference No. 263-354

VAT Reg No. 460031374


Statement From The Principal
Mr Wayne Cicilie

Good Start Trust is one of its kind. I’ve never experienced such an organization, who goes out of their way to support the under privileged in my education career which stretches over 27 years. The kind-heartedness, love and support given to GHSJ is beyond what I expected.

The Trust is indeed of assistance to the school and I look forward to many more years working with them.


Statement From The Principal
Mr Ronaldo Jean-Louis

The Good Start Trust is an organization that aims to provide quality education to underprivileged children. The trust has been working tirelessly to ensure that every child gets access to education, irrespective of their financial background.

The Good Start Trust highlights the importance of education in shaping a child's future. It emphasizes that education is not just about acquiring knowledge but also about developing skills and values that will help children become responsible citizens. I would like to express my gratitude towards the Good Start Trust for supporting our school with the Smart Club and Breakfast Club, which has helped improve the quality of education.

The Smart Club program provides learners with access to learning resources and programs, which have made learning more engaging and interactive. The Breakfast Club e’Pap program ensures that students get nutritious meals, which is crucial for their overall development. These programs have had a significant impact on the learners' academic performance and overall well-being.

In conclusion, the Good Start Trust's efforts towards providing quality education are commendable. Their support through programs like Smart Club and Breakfast Club is making a positive difference in the lives of underprivileged children. Education is a fundamental right, and it is heartening to see organizations like Good Start Trust working towards ensuring that every child gets access to it.

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