The Good Start

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In Cape Town our BREAKFAST CLUB has been supporting learners at Good Hope Seminary Junior School, Vredehoek since February 2016. In 2019, we set up another Breakfast Club to support St Mary’s Primary School in Tuinplein Street, Gardens. At both schools, most of the young learners are bussed in daily, many from disadvantaged homes far outside the city. At home, there is often a lack of nourishment and children typically do not eat before leaving for school.

There is often also a lack of funding to address learning difficulties that need attention from professional therapists. We are delighted that our SMART CLUB now works at both schools. Our aim is to fill educational gaps, especially after the two year school break enforced by Covid. We aim to support our learners in improving their academic performance, thus giving them better opportunities for their future.

A Letter From A Learner’s Parent

  • “I think it is a very good thing for them to eat at school because they wake up early then they have to rush for the bus early in the morning. So Yes I agree with the E’Pap. Thank you very much for that.”
  • “It is every parent wish that every child is well fed, well clothed amongst other basics that a child requires in order to maximise concentration as the students go about their learning process”

Feeding Both
Hungry Minds and Tummies

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