Aletta Ashmore

I have specialised in assessing and teaching children with specific learning difficulties for many years. It is my deep desire to enable those children who cannot afford the educational support they need, to access that support. I believe that Good Start Trust will allow those children with whom we deal in this beautiful mother city of Cape Town, to have more hope of achieving their potential in life.

Patsy Bagraim

The plight of under-privileged children who are so much part of the South African tapestry is my primary focus. I want to help these children to face day-to- day challenges with the help of the Breakfast Club. One simple, good meal leads to a healthy, happy child. Investing in them today ensures a brighter tomorrow.

Amy Haworth

I am a School Counsellor, registered with the HPCSA. I am involved with the Smart Club and assist children at Good Hope Seminary Junior School to get the support they need to learn and grow in today’s society.

Adrienne Millner

I am the Principal of Good Hope Seminary Junior School. I believe that the Good Start Trust will afford children the opportunity to receive the assistance they need in order to assist their learning and thus improve their performance at school.

Esmerelda Phillips

I am at present an educator at Alpha School for Learners with Autism. It is my passion to work with the underprivileged and with special needs children. This is my reason for being a trustee of the Good Start Trust.

Previous experience includes the following: teaching special needs children at Agape and Vista Nova schools and counselling boys at the Ottery School of Industry; play therapy facilitation courses under the guidance of Dr. Rachel Pinney in the UK and Jane Bytheway in South Africa; facilitation at the Parent Centre in Cape Town, presenting toddler discipline workshops to parents, various talks at institutions, and training new facilitators. I was the guidance counsellor at Christel House South Africa founded by an American, Christel Dehaan where I worked with underprivileged high school children.