2020 was dominated by various disasters, from natural to manmade. Out of all of these, though, it is COVID-19 that stands out as having had the biggest impact on South Africa and the world at large. 

The COVID-19 pandemic, which still holds most of the world captive, undoubtedly has had a major negative impact on our learners, educators, and the Good Start Trust’s work. We adapted to what was an unprecedented situation, doing everything we could to continue to support the neediest and most vulnerable of these learners. 

Due to the lockdown measures implemented, school closures and necessary government health orders, the 2020 school year was dramatically changed and negatively affected. During all of that, though, the Good Start Trust managed to overcome and adapt to the situation. 

This is how we responded and adapted to the pandemic, and we will continue doing so as long as necessary. 

  1. The Breakfast Club continued to operate at two inner-city schools: Good Hope Seminary Junior School and St Mary’s Primary School. Donations of e’Pap for learners to take home when schools were closed meant that breakfasts could continue at home during needy times.
  2. COVID-appropriate Health and Safety protocols governed food preparation, serving and cleanup since the return to schools in June of 2020.
  3. The Smart Club was, out of necessity, in hibernation for the 2020 academic year. There were major disruptions in the running of schools, irregular learning and low funding levels. We started to function again in the last school term of 2020, working to support the learning of some of the youngest learners with learning difficulties who would have been severely impacted by school closures. Building up funding reserves for the Smart Club is a priority for 2021 and beyond.