GOOD START TRUST Annual October Report for 2021


  1. Supporting learners’ education this past year has still been deeply affected by the global Covid 19 pandemic:  The first term was delayed; half sized classes have attended on alternate days; educators have had to adapt to stressful conditions including falling ill themselves;  parents losing their own employment and as a result have not been able to pay school fees, which has substantially hampered the efficient functioning of the schools, in turn causing a real threat to the number of educators, including the temporary laying off staff employed by the School Governing Bodies.  Despite all these challenges, we are proud to have continued to support learning in these difficult times.  
  2. All those individuals associated with both Breakfast and Smart Clubs have been fully vaccinated.
  3. NPO Registration was successful.  We thank our lawyer, Leslie Swart of Wealth Succession, for handling the process speedily and competently.
  4. The Breakfast Club has continued to operate at two inner city schools:  Good Hope Seminary Junior School and St Mary’s Primary School.  Due to learners attending school only alternate days, donations of e’Pap to take home during term time as well as before holidays were appreciated by parents.  
  5. The stipend paid helpers at Breakfast Club signed our Memorandum of Agreement in May 2021, clarifying the Employment Contract between us, and allowing UIF registration (still underway).  We thank Mr Michael Bagraim (Labour Lawyer) for his able guidance.
  6. Adherence to Health and Safety protocols governing the way in which food has been prepared, served, and dishes cleared away, have continued.
  7. The Smart Club has blossomed this past year, due to very welcome, dedicated donations received late last year.  We have been able to offer assessments and ongoing treatments in a range of pertinent therapies, to the benefit of about 180 learners at the two schools.
  8. Our accounts have again been audited pro bono by L Rubin and Company, for which we are deeply grateful.  Pascal Shaani and Mariette Vos again deserve special mention for their efficiency and helpful guidance.

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